April 29, 2008
I lay with you..
knowing no fear,
and having no questions
in this moment.
The blades that rest beneath us,
have become eden green-
forgetting their previous envy,
with the illumination of the darkness
this night has kindly lent us.
The side of your face
finally settles upon my collar bone.
You do not see,
but I smile-
and thank the moon
for giving me this night.
Undisturbed by our presence,
the grass continues to caress our backs
that have become moist
with the young sweat
that trickles down
our seventeen – year old bodies,
in the midst of this summer heat.
In your eyes,
I see the reflection of every
traced star in the sky.
My eyelids hide my surroundings,
as I wish on one
of those beautiful stars.
I beg of it..
to paralyze this moment.
to capture this image,
and engrave it in time eternally.

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