my first day

January 11, 2012
By scarface22 BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
scarface22 BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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My first day of high school was crazy, the bus ride was hot, and the heat was on full blast all the way there. When I got there everyone laughed at us because we were freshman and we knew it too, so we didn’t say anything, or at least I didn’t, but first hour came along and it was time to get to class the only problem was I only knew where first hour was. What was I going to do the rest of the day? , second hour rolled along and I was hopelessly lost and found myself upstairs looking for physical science and for some reason I couldn’t even figure out where the office was at one point an upper classman said “what a dumb freshman” and laughed at me but right as I was giving up on finding the classroom a student named Danny Carr told me where all my classes were and kind of took me under his wing I guess you could say. He hung out with me and was one of my best friends freshman year especially the first day. But then band rolled around a class full with upper classman, I was terrified of what people would say to a freshman in the band would they pull a band prank?, would they make fun of me?, or would they just let me be as scared as I was I didn’t show it Danny told me that everything would be fine they were all really cool people and I rocked out Evan Rappe told me that I played pretty good for a freshman. Afterward I felt great and after school I told how much he helped me out and it was very important, so my first day was great thanks to Danny but the worst part about it all is that Danny will never know how much he really helped me out.

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