Narrow Escape

January 10, 2012
By Anonymous

It was one cool night when I had to play football. I got ready at the house and we left to go to the field. When we got to the field it was game time we practiced till 8:20 and then walked to the big field and we started the game with the opening kickoff. They look sharp when they hit the field.
When they kick the ball off it went straight to me big number 2 was waiting for me to lay the big hit on me. I hit a spin movie to avoid him and it worked really well. It was a narrow escape when number 2 was right there.
He was he was pulling my jersey to pull me down I stared working my legs BOOM , BOOM , BOOM my feet were knocking on the ground the crowed was going crazy for me to get the TD.
I got off of him and number 45 came an locked onto me and I fell on top of him an I was not down yet so I jumped up and their it was the in zone. That’s what my coach wanted was for me to get a touchdown every play I was out! And that was my narrow escape is when I got away from defenders

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