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April 29, 2008
By Jessica Miller, Bellefontaine, OH

The heart can be sad it can be mad
It can be happy or joyful

When it hurts we cry
When it's happy we laugh

When we find the right person to love it beats fast but when the person you love breaks your heart it beat's slower

But when you find the right person to love your heart will be happy and joyful

So when you find that special person your heart will be happy all the time.

People tell me that I stink at everything

So I bagan to tell myself whats the point

I stink at school

I stink at home

I stink at work

I stink at doing homework

I basically stink at life

But then someone told me don't down grade yourself

You will only make it worse so I stood up for my self and said you people who do not know me but say I stink at everything you can say what you want it will not but me anymore

Your heart shines like the light of the sun and the light of the moon

Your eyes shines like the stars in the sky

When I see the twinkle of light in your eyes a twinkle of love in my heart

When I get the twinkle of love in my heart it starts out small and grows with my love for you

So when I say my heart twinkles wit love will allways mean I Love You

My love for you is like a cat their soft loving and kind

But when my love for you is broken it feels like a million knifes plunging through my heart

That is why everyone likes to be in love

But after my love for you is broken it will take a long time to find someone that I care about as much as I cared for you

Now that you have foun someone new in your life I guess you dont need me there to care for you anymore

So as I write this always know that I love you and I will allways care about you like I have done for every secon, Minute, day, year and so on that I have known and fell in love with you

I opened my heart to you when we fell in love

But after a while it got weary on what you act and talk like

So my heart said to me " don't be scared to lose someone you want to love forever."

Just remember that you can allways love again

So I trusted my heart and I left you for a few day's my heart hurt but not to long after I found a new person to love one that will allways be there for me and never leave

So as I try to open my heart again to the new person I love remember it will never open back up for you ever again

There once was a time I fell in love I was happy and never sad

Until the day you left me when you left my heart broke

I thought I would never love again But I have now and I do love him more than ever

We have done and been with each other all the time and it just feels so right to me

But then I found out the girl you was with left you because you hated me being with him

So you try to get me back but like I said fool me once your fault but fool me twice my fault

Just remember I will never come back to you "ever again"

Love is Love

Who doesn's want love

Teenager's can barely live without love

Some love will last

Some love will not last

But if you lose love once don't be afraid to love again

Because if you are afraid they will try to over power you on what you say and do and who you need to love

So try to find that one person just remember they have to seek god to find you

When I die will you cry

Will you come to me funeral will you cry just on tear

Will you care will you hurt

Will you feel emptyness will you feel sorrow

Will you feel happy will you feel joyful

But as you read this I know your probably laughing or crying

F-Friend's are Faithful

R-Friends are Respectful

I-Friends are Intellagant

E-Friends are every where

N-Friends never leave you

D-Friends are daring

S-Friends are special to have

Everything a friend should be

I went to school my hair was pink

I came home my hair was green

I took a shower my hair was green

I took a shower my hair was blue

I ate supper my hair was purple

I don't know why my hair changes color

But then I went to bed and my hair was normal

When I woke up the next morning I felt my head

I screamed then I got up and ran over to the mirror and said oh my god

What happend to my hair?



Thats my wird hair story

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