Concrete Promises MAG

January 11, 2012
By Jordana Mishory BRONZE, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania
Jordana Mishory BRONZE, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania
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multi-colored blurs whir by
our tan-speckled sidewalk,
their wheels pounding out a rhythm reminiscent of
scurrying ants stumbling beneath the weight of the universe,
ignoring the occasional chubby finger thrust in their paths
en route to their colony.
exhaust fumes and daisies and newly mowed grass
perfume the sun-kissed afternoon.
the elderly farmhouse relaxes in the shadows –
the off-white-stuccoed guardian protecting us from the uncertainty
of tomorrow.
connected by concrete promises, we sat there,
two girls with silver shiny braces and brown curly hair
sitting each in our own square …
matching navy-blue school bags tossed aside,
the grocery-bagged-covered books contained in them a memory
of yesterday.
the green overgrown bush tickles the sidewalk,
as we erupt in a flurry of giggles.
sharing the secrets
of today.

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