I'll Save You

April 29, 2008
By Tigger Geeters, Helena, AL

I would give my happiness to you if I had any
I would give any thing just to see you smile
Relax and fall
Fall into the water
Let it vanquish all your troubles
Troubles that eat away at your beautiful mind
The water washes clean the tainted thoughts
Oh, GOD, if I could just save you, I would
Your insanity has reach its taunting peek
Screams, fighting, tears, is your bodies last defense
For all the ones that haunt and the one that speaks of ruling nonsense give you a push
Fall into my waters
I’ll be there to wrap you up
And take you home; let you sleep till your self-sufficient storms blow over
Sleep, dream, as your life should be, before all this
I said I’d save you, that’s what I intend to do
Sleep raging child, for when you wake from this incident it wont be a memory, but a dream
Live not happily ever after, but ok ever after

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