I will miss you

February 21, 2008
By Mary Singer, Cincinnati, OH

I will miss you when you leave,
Even though every word I screamed.
I will miss you when you go,
Even though I yearned for it to be so.
I will miss you when you walk away,
I know my pride is too high to ask you to stay any ways
I will miss you when you die,
It’ll account for every tear I’d cried.

What I want is not what I need,
Is that why you had to leave?
Were you too good, too good for me?
I still cling to all your being.

I will miss you more with each passing day,
The winds will change, but everything still remains the same.
How can life still be?
God only knows why you abandoned me.

I will miss you as I age,
A thought of you every day.
Time is still my bitter enemy.

I will miss you though decades have ran their course,
Children now grown, times change fast.

Time has passed, years gone by,
You’re still dead.
So why am I alive?

I still miss you, through all these lives.
I still miss you, though I have no memory.
I still miss you, but now I’m as dead as late autumn leaves.

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