Down the Gutter

February 21, 2008
By Andrew Hodgin, Waverly, NE

He was living the life, a real rockstar
Had several tabs at his favorite bar.
His friends all left ‘cause he became a drunk
And that’s when his dreams all sunk.
He said, “ I don’t care. I’ll find more friends; I’m a rocker in L.A.”
Barkeeper came with his tab, said it was time to pay.
Wasted his money partying, he couldn’t pay his bills
The IRS came in, told him to hit the hills.
He lost his big house and his expensive cars
He started to regret going to those bars.
He was poor as dirt, living on the streets
Begging one day, guess whom he meets?
He met up with his old friends; they said it’s what he gets
One said, “You let fame go to your head, Rockstar, and couldn’t pay your debts,”
He finished, “You ditched us to become a boozer, now look who is the loser.”

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