African village

February 21, 2008
By Adam Peterson, Waverly, NE

In this little village of Africa
There were two tribes that hated each other
The Inchaba stole from the Sinadob
They went back and forth stealing
And that’s how it all began

Late one night a storm hit the village
It caused a major flood that ruined the town
In the morning they started cleaning
Each tribe cleaned their spot and their spot only
Until that night they saw something
What both tribes saw, scared them

They found out they couldn’t
Clean the mess without help

Doing it alone would take forever
And many innocent lives would
Die so they needed big help

Both tribes thought alike because
They each brought the other
Peace offerings to gain trust again
After the get-together they went to work
Within a day and a half they were done

These tribes stayed friends forever
They eat, party, and live in peace
For sure they should thank that storm
For that’s what saved them from war
And brought them together for the

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