Come Together

February 21, 2008
By Alyssa Erickson, Lincoln, NE

If we all came together
The changes we would see
If we all came together
A better place the world would be

Every day when I turn on the TV
Only the horrors I see
Isn’t there someone out there
Someone that has done something right
Or can they only sell the bad stories?

No one wants to be the one
The one to step up and say
There are people dying every day
And children who haven’t eaten in two days
Let’s not devote our time to celebrity woes
And other petty causes

There really is trouble out there
But why do we choose to ignore
And say that there will always be something more

You don’t have to be a millionaire
To give meaning to someone somewhere
If we all come together
The funds would add up to much more
But it’s not about money
It’s about giving meaning and life

So let’s all come together
And change the world
One person at a time
And then we’ll see
How this place was meant to be.

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