He gave you everything you've ever wished for.

February 21, 2008
By Robyn Dziewior, Bloomington, IN

He gave you everything you've ever wished for.
He gave you this heart but you threw it on the floor.
He talked about you all of the time,
He says "I'd do anything for her to be mine."
He thinks of you during every song,
He's been waiting for you oh so long.
Now you have convinced him that everything he thinks
Is wrong.
He thinks about you through out the day
And dreams about a time where those three words you
Would say
If everything went his own way
You'd be there to comfort him and tell him its okay.
He calls you and you guys talk for hours,
Then he begins to wonder if anything would change
If he brought you flowers.
Sometimes he lays awake,
Wondering if that's all he can take.
Even if he puts his love and life at sake.
And Now he wonders how many more times his heart can

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