Que Pasa?

February 21, 2008
By Oscar Ibarra, Aurora, CO

You say you’re really down for your Raza.

What does that mean?
Throwing Chingazos is what it seems.

You say you’re brown and proud
However, your actions and behavior doesn’t say it out loud.
Legislation enacted trying to keep us down
While you’re out there killing another brown.
Instead of gaining a decent education
You’re out on the streets trying to earn your reputation.
I understand your life has been extremely tough,
Proving to your barrio that you were rough
But look at the little vatos who look up to you.
Would you like them to experience what you went through?
Homies and esas dying all around
attending their funerals too
see them buried 6 feet underground.
All that just to gain a little bit of wealth.
You should know by now that gang-banging is bad for your health.
I’m sure you understand where you’re headed at this rate.
Muerete or jail - usually it’s a gangster’s fate.
I’m not here to clown or talk any s***.
I myself would like to give more than a little bit
back to mi comunidad while in school
showing these gringos that we are not fools.
Here in middle school, I’m trying to represent mi Raza

Like I asked you before, “Que pasa?”

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