Need Help

February 21, 2008
By carissa Schuelke, Alvo, NE

I need help
I’m lost and broken
Someone please help
I’m on the wrong path

This isn’t what my life is supposed to be like
I’m supposed to be happy, yet I’m sad
I’m supposed to live where it’s bright
But where I live it’s full of darkness

I need help
I’m lost and broken
Someone please hear my cries
I’m dying on the inside

My soul is broken
Someone heal it, please
My heart’s bruised
Someone help me to trust again

I’m dead on the inside
No emotion left in this body
But then I meet you
You healed me, thank you

You healed my broken soul
You healed my bruised heart
You helped me to trust again
You helped to live in the light

I needed help and you came
I was lost you came and found me
I was broken and you healed me
I was on the wrong path and you helped me find the right one

You saved my life
Thank you

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