almost fell apart

February 21, 2008
By Rebekah Waddelow, Waverly, NE

I’m going to tell a story
That almost came to a disaster
May be it will be a little confusing
But it will all come out in the end
This is my story of al most coming

I would come home from school
And make a bee-line for my room
It felt so nice to not be around people
And conversations I was not part of
So I would read in my room al day long
But then the time would come were it
Would be time to be part of my family
And that is were my life al most fell apart

I would be forced to come to dinner and
Play there games and then finally they just gave up
I though the whole world had problems but I found
Out it was me so I finally got in trouble but after it
Was done it felt so good to be able to talk again
And it was like I could see again. And that’s how I
Almost fell apart. But in the end I was put back together

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