We dream American dreams

February 21, 2008
By Cody Griffin, Eagle, NE

We dream American dreams,
In them are buildings and streams,
Now watch as Uncle Sam beams,
As the army makes up new schemes,

This dream is one that never ends,
From people driving Mercedes Benzes,
To poor people watching how much they spend,
Asking nice people for money they can lend,

Everyone’s looking for someone to blame,
Cuz they got no money left to their name,
But still the American Dream remains,
That someday terrorists won’t highjack our planes,

Just get our people out of Iraq,
All that Bush wants is his name on a plaque,
This is the story that a lot of people claim,
His American dream is filled with lots of fame,

One day this world won’t be around,
And this dream will finally get some rest,
But until then we live our American dreams,
Or at least we will do our best.

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