February 21, 2008
By Shandel Pruitt, Wappingerrs Falls, NY

There’s this thing called confusion
That’s attacking my mind
Infusing the truth with illusions
Slowly destroying my life

*But what they don’t know*
*Is that I’m changing*
*& the once bright glow*
*Of my humanity’s fading*

These thoughts in my head
Have unleashed my fears
Like grandma always said
“Confusion rings in Satan’s ears”

*But what they didn’t hear
*Was my verbal deal with Damien*
*By gaining all I desired & fear*
*I lost my chance at god’s safe haven*

My confusion’s led me to change my name
And through this change everyone will know I’m rich
These materialistic riches will show my fame
Therefore my new name shall be Styx…

*But what they don’t know about this name*
*Is it’s description of where my soul fits*
*Flowing through hell in eternal pain*
*I’ll end my journey on The River Styx*

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