February 21, 2008
By Ashley Carr, Jim Thorpe, PA

Wishes she could
And she would
But who would
Ever listen
She doesn’t know
What she’s missing
How would she do it?
And could she push threw it
Is it a risk she’ll have to take?
Or a problem she’ll make
Is it worth the pain?
Or just another problem
She’ll gain
Just thinking about it drives
Her crazy but what
Is she supposed to do when everyone
Is acting all hazy
She needs a path to follow
And someone to guide her threw
The hollow
She’s lost in her own world
But slowly dying in the real world
She tries and tries to get someone’s
Attention but no one will ever
Listen even though she’s screaming
She knows hurting her self is not the Answer
But what is she supposed to do
If no one is here to help her
Wishes she could and she would
But she knows no one is ever
Going to listen
Her screaming is quieting
And she is slowly moving
Wishing she wasn’t left alone
Then maybe she would still be on the
But she knows
There is nothing
She can do
Because she is falling threw
Doesn’t know
What is on the other side?
But it has to be better
Than her life
Wishes she could
And she would
But now she
Is threw paying
Admission her life
Is over for another

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