I stand by and watch the world twist

February 20, 2008
By Alana Mignone, Bellport, NY

I stand by and watch the world twist,
Everything works mechanically to fit in the; but is ignorance really bliss?
In the detection of your protection-nobody cares enough,
People die at every moment but government laws are just a bluff.
To sentence an innocent man is like taking away the ground on which we stand,
Survival is the main prioraty but in all;God is the helping hand.
An athiest will reach for himself and the population will die before asking for help.
Hungry children will go unfed and you and your friends will buy a gold chain instead.
Get this embedded in your head, that medicine should be pumped through people not nine millimeter lead.
To come out clean is like a needle and a thread because with every dying person did we listen to the words they said?
Theres women everywhere waiting to conceive and men in Iraq waiting to take a second to breathe,
While all of you are comtemplating; begging to leave.
Dodging bombs and running from hidden faces,
Keeping in their heads that theres indeed better places,
Complaining about no sleep well these men are literal.
Comprehend the unbelievable the conditions are critical,
Clean water is a delicasy and solid land comes finally.
They're fighting for you but 20years, where will we be?
And with the undying piece of my heart, were running towards the ending but going to the start.

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