February 20, 2008
By Alexandra Tanner, Parkland, FL

please buy from me?

i’ll sell you anything you like,

anything your heart desires,

it’s all on my little cart over here,

my traveling caravan of porcelain and jade,

spiced peaches, forget-me-nots,

bonsai plants and cacao beans

everything’s on clearance sale

fifty cents, sixty cents,

seventy-five, a dollar,

a pound, a ruble,

a franc, rupee, or real

(i exchange currency for free)

look, i’ll write your name on a grain of rice,

i’ll paint you on canvas in oil pastels

i’ll juggle with fire and eat it too,

anything to make a sale,

to feed my cat and my canary,

to buy a Christmas tree this year

and an angel to go on top

she’ll fall down break after a week

but i’ll be okay

the five and dime has plenty more

and while i’m there, i might as well get myself

some mallomars and a red kazoo,

a hula hoop and a tube of toothpaste,

i mean, after all,

everything only costs a dollar.

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