My Life

February 20, 2008
By Katelynn Norton, Valley Springs, CA

My life is full of suffering
Sometimes friends make it better
Other times it's not enough
Life is tough
Life is rough
It's not enough
It's not enough
I wish it were
But thats not true
Life is horrible
For me and for you

I wish I had the right words
But sadly I don't
Sometimes "I love you."works
But with me it won't
I wish it were another day
I wish the best for you
My tears are hear to stay
Forever and for always with you

My life is a wave of pain
There's nothing I can do
I wish you were here
To help me get through
I wish this was a happy place
For me and for you
But suddenly I'm now realizing
That that's not true

My life is like an earthquake
I'm stuck here wondering if it will end
Every time the earth rumbles
And cracks appear here and there
I fall again and again
My life is the universe
And yet I want the universe to end
And the cracks in the earth to disappear
And when I fall again and again
It's to show that I'm trying
But not succeding

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