January 7, 2012
I am from the craziness I call my life,
From love and hate,
I am from the freezing nights,
With whistling winds,
Flowing through my unkempt hair,
As if it had a secret wish to tell me.

I am from dusk to dawn,
From black and white,
I’m from the I don’t care’s,
And the go away’s,
From here and there,
I’m from the shadows,
The way they creep,
Hiding in the night.

I’m from many places,
But none I can call home,
From the icy blackness,
To the chilly breeze,
The world I live in is harsh.

I’m from the cruelty given in spite,
From the memories given at birth,
All the things I’ve wanted to say,
Roughly snatched before I could grasp.

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