The Game.

February 20, 2008
By Riley Ruano, Byron, CA

The game of life.
It causes many families strife.
If you are not good at the game,
Well, you go to shame,
You have to be smart about it,
Make good decisions,
It puts this world into divisions,
Rich, poor, or in between,
The game makes people be seen,
Some people have it harder than others,
That just bonds them like brothers,
So why,
Why does this game rule,
Why do some people play better than others,
Why does it make people cry,
Why does it make people feel like they can fly,
This game,
Why does it think it can put people to shame,
It’s not right,
Why does it divide,
Who does it think it is, ruling the world,
The game,
The mighty game.

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