Fall Is Here

December 22, 2011

The season of fall is finally here
We should enjoy the cool weather before winter will appear
Before autumn is here and suddenly gone
These are some things that are sure to be done

Every Friday night there shall be a game
If you are on the starting line-up, everyone knows your name
Day after day it is the talk of the town
Betting on who is going to get the next touchdown

This is the time when leaves fall to the ground
The season you have to rake your yard all around
The colors of the leaves turn to yellow, orange, and red
Then they come off the branches and lie on the grass dead

The night of Halloween is soon to begin
When children go door to door and back around again
They ring your doorbell and say “Trick or Treat”
Then you give them some candy and tell them they look neat

Then the month of November has finally come
When family members gather to a place they are from
They grab some food and eat with each other
But before they do that they give thanks to the Father

The season has now finally come to an end
So grab your winter coat and cuddle with a friend
The weather is getting colder and snow will soon appear
Starting at the end of this amazing 2011 year

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