December 22, 2011
Just as my heart
starts to tear
He looks at me and stares
then he laughs
and walks away
and leaves me in the rain
My eyeliner starts to smear
as I shed the expected tear
I fall to the ground
and my heart beats
three pounds
and I alert my broken heart sounds
I can't believe
I actually agreed
to his love for me
I can't believe
I thought he could change
because he never will
he'll always be the same
he is a bad person
with an ugly heart
and he doesn't care
that he's torn me apart
I can't believe
I fell so far,
so deep
just so he could cheat
I can't stand
him anymore
I can't tolerate
him any longer
I am so much stronger
This is my
Long-Time-No-See goodbye

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