Entitled To Perfection

February 20, 2008
By Alexandria Schaad, Beverly, OH

We were close, and you were perfect.
You were a beautiful blend of what I needed,
And what I didn't want.
Now we're distant, and you and I are full of imperfections,
That I didn't see before.
You think that I'm perfect, but I'm not.

Every so often I see what I saw before.
A glimpse of something we had,
Like when your lovely cologne, reaches my nose,
And all the memories flow back to me like a flash flood.
And I get the sudden urge to want to kiss you again.
But I can't, my mind won't let me.
My mind doesn't have trouble finding reality.

I've lost the feelings honey, but I'm not sorry.
And I know that they're still very real for you,
And I really wish that they weren't.
You need to grasp the meaning of "friends".
It's not goodbye, it's just not perfection.

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