Do The Day Right

February 20, 2008
By Jose Perez, Milan, MI

Sleeping, so comfortable, peaceful
Then the sound of the alarm fools
Startles me and I wake up
Such a peaceful sleep, good dream to.

I think while I lay in my,
Very comfy bed, wishing my baby was
Next to me instead. Then I start to

get cold until it forces me to get up.

Anxious for the bus to come
So I can see my baby and give her some (ha)
Just kidding, but the wait feels so long
But when I meet with her then time Fly’s along

All day long I sit and wait for 3:30 to come
So I can hang out with my baby alone at home.
When 6th hour comes I get excited and it fly’s by
Cause all I think about is how my baby is my natural High.

Then when 9:00 comes around I start to gloom
Cause Gabby (My Baby) has to leave soon.
Then I call her to say goodnight
Then go to sleep so I can again do the day right

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