My Little Gingerbread

March 20, 2008
By Abby Phillips, Princeton, MO

Run away and hide thats what you did to me.
You flew away like a bird about to lose its wings.
You left, me told me to leave you be, you would rather be with someone else.
Run away little boy you better start hiding.
Leave a girl behind broken hearted and crying.
Run off the path and leave her in the trees.
Make her wish she was dead and that she couldn't breathe, make believe she's not worth it, and crush her dreams.
So run away and hide don't ever do what's right.
Just use her body and throw her away like a piece of trash that meant soemthing yesterday.
Run as fast as you can, run to every girl you see.
But don't look back because you'll remeber that girl crying.
Keep telling yourself it's not your fault.
That she tried sucide and that she is cutting.
You told me you loved me with your whole heart and that it's are destiny we should never be apart.
Then it all came crashing down to my feet.
You were in love with another oh how sweet.
So run, run as fast as you can into the arms of another.
Just promsie me one thing don't beak her heart like you broke mine.

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