Wishing I could go Back

March 20, 2008
By Kristina Cherette, Kalkaska, MI

Wishing i could go back,
and change the problems that are causing
me so much pain & stress in the present.

My emotions are shadering,
like broken glass, from the objects
i feel like breaking..

Fury & anger filled, is my body.
Im about to explode!
like i wish some things would,
with a blink of an eye.

But no, that would make things to easy..

Nobody understands,
They try, but fail.
Blame them, i dont..
Nobody's fault but my own.

Sharp as a razor blade,
My head aches & pounds..
If only i had a beat.

Its time i stop feeling sorry,
& just face the music i have created.

For there are consequences,
& now it is I that must face them..

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