March 20, 2008
By Shane Buban, Centerville, IA

Why busy yourself with philosophy,
Ideas, and principles?
Why worry about right and wrong?
Throw out your musings for municipals.
Because no matter what you do
You’ll be hitting a brick wall.
They won’t hear it.
And if they hear it,
They won’t listen.
And if they listen,
They won’t care.
And if they care,
They’ll say,
“There’s nothing I can do.
And the same can be said of you.”
The thing is,
If this were true,
We would still buy people
To work in our fields.
Women couldn’t vote,
And our minds would have no shields.
The world would be flat,
We’d live in a theocracy
(If you can say we don’t already).
Martin Luther King, Jr.
May still be living.
And Rosa Parks wouldn’t have caught heat
For sitting in a seat
Against the will of a “superior.”
It’s a funny thing, philosophy.
Without those whom philosophy need
There wouldn’t be those
Who pay it no heed.

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