Speaking Pains

March 20, 2008
By Tevin Matkins, Huntsville, AL

As i dwell in my nights they become restless and
filled with whispers of my pains
Conversating amongst them selfs speakin of
which they come

As i listen in on this captivating conversation
I thought to myself are my ears deceiving me of what i am hearing or has the hands of time touch my soul and gave me a second look on life

My pains lashes out making me miniscule to the sight
of sucess breaking me down to the level of a
starring at me with the eyes of disappiontment my
pains start to speak the words my enmies spoke

"your not one to be love neither one to become a man, a
failure in the eyes of all thats good and a
treasure to all that has failed before you"

i hear them as they started to laugh and uproar of utterly
comments overwhelmed me as if
i was thrown in a whrilpool with no escape

If you ask y i am the way i am i'll have to
say....................the pain the speaks inside me
speaks the truth at times can you
hear wat you pains telling you
cause i damn sho heard mine

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