To My Maker

March 20, 2008
Shake me, break me, come down and wake me.
Let Your clouds and heavens part.
Come set fire to my heart.
Upon my path, please shine Your light.
Be with me in the dark of night.

Restore, renew, turn all towards You
Crime, war, and hate please rid us of.
Let’s win the lost and show them love.
Build up Your army to save our nation.
Breathe life into this generation.

Descend, defend, and bless the condemned.
“Be strong, hold fast, fear not,” You say.
I’ll seek Your kingdom every day.
As for our meeting at the gate,
How glorious I just can’t wait.

Restrain the profane, and break our chains.
This is it; the end times are near.
We’ll be okay if You we fear.
The hour of our despair has come.
Now all things evil must succumb.

To You, my Maker, here’s my plea:
Your righteousness the wicked would see,
And free from sin the earth could be.
Mostly, I’d like to say to thee,
Thank You for creating me.

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