Lost Love

March 19, 2008
She could feel him
She felt his warm breath on her neck
His gentle hands on her waste
She could smell him
His sweet cologne
That made her want to melt
Whenever he was near
She could hear him
Hear his deep voice
Whispering her name while she slept
She could see him
His gorgeous face
And bright green eyes
Framed with almond brown hair
She could remember him
Remember the way he loved her
Remember the way he touched her
Remember the way he betrayed her
And still,
She lies in her bed
Feeling him, smelling him,
Hearing him, seeing him,
And remembering him
“If only there was a way to forget”
She thought
While she closed her eyes
And let him surround her again
Hopefully, for the last time

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AndiMeg said...
Oct. 11, 2010 at 2:50 pm
This is absolutely beautiful! Great Job!
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