March 19, 2008
By Lauren Conley, Cincinnati, OH

Move! Walk faster! Backstage is not any place to be pokey! I stood in shock of what was going on. I couldn't move. I was scared I'd get in the way. Why was I here? These thoughts flutter through my mind every time I arrive at this place. This is my job, that's why I'm here. I calm myself and begin to transform into the energizer bunny. Dresses need steaming, clothes pinned to fit, heels put in order and young ladies to tug at. Loud music from the stage causes us to yell at each other like wild animals at feeding time. Out of my way! It’s time to start! Colorful glossy lips sparkle at the sight of the stage light. Skin glows fierce and the clothes attack your eyes like the sun. Stern eyes take your breathe away with their beauty. Camera's snap at the flash of lightning. Whispers of opinion fill the audience. They appear as though they are a room full of high school girls spreading gossip. No one notices. The end has come. One by one these ladies line up and a bomb of beauty hits you like an explosion. It is over. Once again we did what we do best. Runway

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