The Fight to Live

March 19, 2008
My Life Is Hard
Not Ever Fun
For I Don't Have Much Food
I Have To Live In The Hot Sun
I Only Have One Shirt
I Don't Own Any Shoes
I Kneel Down In The Dirt
I Ask God What I Should Do
I Live In Africa
In A Poor Family
Won't Somebody Help Me?

I Have A Wonderful Life
"I'll Live Like This Forever" Is What I Thought
But I Cannot Help What Mother Nature Has Brought
My House Was Destroyed
Flooded With Water
Many Things That I Enjoyed
Are Now Gone
Trees Crashed Down
Houses Fell To The Ground
Windows Were Broken
Many Words Were Unspoken
It's Hard To Go On
For I Am A Victim Of A Hurricane

I Might Have Been The One
That Would Find A Cure For A Disease
I Might Have Been the One
That Would Make The World Happy
I Could Have Been
Your Best Friend
I Could Have Helped You Find
The Happiness Within
I Could Have Been The One
You Would Spend Your Whole Life With
But I Wasn't Able To Begin
For, Alive Is Something I've Never Been
I Was Aborted By My Mother

I Don't Get To See My Family
But They Send Letters To Me
I Try To Write back
While I Do My Job Of Keeping You Free
My Job is Dangerous
But I'm Fighting For You
Keeping You Safe
Is What I Do
I'm In The Army

I Developed Skills Slowly
Autism Is The Problem With Me
I Have These Strange Habits
For I Have O.C.D.
There's More Problems In The World Than What It Seems
Living In This Small Society We Don't See All The Problems The World Brings

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