Katrina Ballad

March 19, 2008
By Shermetrius Mack, Slidell, LA

She came on thy ground
August 29 fierce in flight
Neither steady nor nice
Destroying everything in sight
Leaving people without lights.

Stuck thy ground and hurried down thy path
Bring loud winds and strong currents
Stone building screamed in horror
As they where permanently bent Facing one another.
Doors blown open as roofs flew.

No sun nor shine
Just a black sky that wasn’t shy
No laughing or fun just a powerful flood that
Sang a devastating song
Since nothing but death was its major aim.

As it swept back and forward in sorrow and fear
No smile or happiness
Just gleem and bitter tears
Children crying, old folks sighing
As people are dying.

No help, no mighty protector
For the protector had fleed to major hights
Leaving his people abandoned and scared
Hungry and thirsty as nothing was left in sight.

For that next day was devastating
For a city once filled with happiness
Was gone because it was back to its original being
nothing but water.

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