As the blood started...

March 19, 2008
By Kierstan Wolk, Sainte Genevieve, MO

as the blood started to drip
my body went numb
no more pain
i found it fun

the world was against me
my breath started to fade
people recognized my face
but wouldn't call me by my name

I tried to cover the scars
I tried to hold in the screams
my identity was hidden
I said goodbye to my dreams

everything I loved
and everything I needed
is now gone
because of how it was all treated

I took life for granted
life was just a game
everything was a joke
until that one day

on that day
my world got turned upside down
all of a sudden
I was getting pushed to the ground

I wasn't on top
like I used to be
my words started drifting
into the open sea

my mouth full of hate
my eyes full of fire
my ears won't listen
there's nothing I desire

from here on out
I'll live life along
abandoned from the world
I'll be unknown

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