The Stage

March 19, 2008
By Victoria Leonard, Minot, ND

This is crunch time now, you know it all.
So, go out there now and make sure not to fall.
You memorized it, and looked over it twice,
This really feels like you’re throwing the dice.
As the song goes, “feeling under pressure.”
A stress you can’t control, not even you can measure.
You feel like a victim, “Go on and walk the plank!”
You’re hoping you don’t ever draw a blank.
Lights! Camera! Action! Is what you hear,
But you say to yourself “I wish I were nowhere near,”
The cast is shouting behind the stage
Just two more minutes to look at the page.
Your palms start to sweat as the clock ticks away.
In front of the crowd you have to know what to say.
The lights lower to dim, the audience is quiet.
But in your head is a loud, booming riot.
You step out on stage in your outfit brand new,
As you look at the audience your dreams are before you.

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