Sense of the Season

March 19, 2008
By Clay Collin, Charlotte, NC

Children’s laughter harmonizes
beautifully with wind chimes that
applaud the breeze.
Old leaves coat the splintered
surface of Earth.
Birds flutter among the trees
amidst a spectrum of changing colors.
Two children hold hands on the
creaking vintage swing set,
smiling at each other with enchantment
A dainty redhead builds a castle in a sandbox
while the breeze plays with her hair
Another rides a bicycle around the
Perimeter of the park, passing by
adults who chatter convivially on a park bench
A quality of innocence domes the
recreational park. All through the day,
People gather and children cavort among the trees
exposing their skin to the strapping sun.
As the day comes to a close,
a pink sky is filtered through the maples
Children scamper to their guardians who
hold tightly the children
–with lustrous faces,
blue sweaters and vibrant scarves.
And the park grows slowly quiet
Under the elegant moonlight

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