7-tween Years Old

March 19, 2008
By Adrienne Randle, Norfolk, VA

to be 7tween you have to
wake up 5 mins before your alarm
lay hopeless in the bed
arrive at school with enought time to scoalize

to be 7tween you have to
make cupcakes on a friend birthday
be nice to ALL teachers, being they make your grades
go to the restroom to visit the hot new guy

every 7tween yr old should
fall asleep in your math class
make funny faces at underclassmen
turn in homework at least 2 days late
&& never forget your freshman days

every 7tween yr old should
text during the boring hours of school
crush on the cutest football player
laugh at your teachers corney jokes

every 7tween yr old should
recycle their pile of empty water bottles
wear shirts thats way too small
celebrate weekends like there is no tomorrow

in between the breathtaking 7tween moments
you should
fall in love; yet become heartbroken
try our for a team and lose some self confidence
regain happiness by overeating chocolate icecream
dance crazyly in the mirror while tripping over shoes

&& before the 7tween year is over
reflect the excitment
the overwhemling times
the crowded halls
the impassive boyfriends
the smileless days
the unreasonable actions
the poem that began it all

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