Snow Man and the Children of Snow

March 19, 2008
By Jerrod Coning, Ashland, OH

Anxious kids rush out to play
Their anticipation making them happy
All awaiting a glorious day
Anything else would be rendered lame
Now they go out to play a fun game

I always dread this time of year
Always drawing near, but never abiding
It comes to claim the snow
All the kids shout “Oh no”
Almost time for the snow to go

Snow starts to abate into water
Just to refreeze as ice
There will soon be a budding flower
Eden will fall to grief within the hour
Why can’t anything stay nice?

The snowman now melts away
His prime long past
He shalln’t survive another day
At a time he smiled with great cheer
But it has faded away because of fear

Once as big as Arkansas,
Now as small as a flea
No longer able to smile towards me
Splat, falls his head
Splat, falls my snowman, dead

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