Collection of Poems

March 19, 2008
By Davis Garrison, Ashland, OH

Vrmm! Vrmm! goes a bus
That really smells like must
So when you ride
You better hide
Or you might die of rust

Old Man
Old man Old man
You drink form an old soup can
Why eat bug soup from a can
When you could get a mug
And eat bug soup from a mug

Poor book Poor book
All out of print
And covered in belly button lint
It looks like it was scratched with flint
I think it needs a splint

Cafeteria the foods look good
It should be yummy
Except for it looks kind of gummy
Did the cooks grind that into jelly?
And did he shove that in his belly?

The street looked sick today
Because it was as dark as heavy metal
But then it ate a flower pedal
So I put the petal to the metal
And went home to put tea in the kettle

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