The Open Road

March 19, 2008
By Annie Farrell, Decatur, GA

The sunlight bounces off the trees next to the highway
Forming a rainbow of delicious yellows and golds
I’m ready to move on
My heart has picked itself up off the burning ground
It now beats proudly in my chest
It whimpers no longer
There’s life after you
My friends, family, my future, call for me
I come willingly
Leaving you behind
Occasionally looking back at our memories
But wishing for them again?
No. It’s pointless

An American flag blows by in the distance
I realize I do not need you to complete me
I’m my own person
You’ve helped my find myself
And for that I am truly grateful
But I’m strong, I can be independent
I do not need anyone to define me as gorgeous
I am beautiful alone
I realize that now
No more tears

A single car passes by my thoughts
I do wish I still had you
To call, to hold my hand
But although I gave my heart to you,
It’s better like this
I’m slowly pulling back
We’re too different, too far away
Hawaii and Alaska
I want to call,
To see how you are
But I’m afraid I’ll tumble down this hill I’ve almost beaten

Speed Limit: 65
I have to face my regrets
Bury them
I think I liked you too much,
Tried too hard to be with you
I can’t undo what has happened
But if I could I would redo everything
Buried and Gone

I untangle myself from the wildflowers
It’s time to throw out the ice cream, and turn on my life
I’m not gonna try and win you back,
Then I might wear our memories on my tears
I’m starting over
Loving me, Loving Life
I’m done; I’m moving on
Past you, through you,
I’m over you

New Jersey welcomes you to the ocean state

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