Path to the Light

March 19, 2008
Shot into the darkness, sprinting, full of fear
Can’t stop, won’t stop
Which may result in death
Will I ever get through this?
Only me myself can make that decision
Running at a faster pace, I must hurry
No looking back this time
Only me myself can save me from this

Taking myself and walking into what may
or may not be darkness.
Quite unsure whether falling or rising,

I suddenly fall to black
I can’t move in this coldness
The last drop of hope falls from my soul
travels onto my bare naked body
I am dry and I am empty
Nothing can revive this piece of me
I am left alone at the bottom of a broken bottle.
As my soul rises up to the blue moon light,
I slowly drift away
the darkness fades away and
I am carried into a luminous light for all eternity

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