My Hiding Place

January 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Beauty all around,
Especially in one specific and peaceful place,
What I call my hiding place location is in a Park,
Deep into a park where I hide safely,
I will not give out the exact area but I will say,
It is where I can think happily and shut out the bad that occur.
It is a place I spend most of my life when I have a chance to go there.
I travel there to get away from everything and everyone.
It’s a place I believe I’m at my highest peak of happiness.
Where there is no one that can judge me,
Where no one that can harm my delicate inner self,
Where no one can yell and bring me down like the icy cold air blows,
I don’t want to be sad and I know how to stop it from happening.
My hiding place,
A place where no one would expect me to hide,
Where no one can ever find me,
It’s a place where I feel free
Free as a bird fly high in the sky.
Free is what I want to become and I will be.
I may have to be patient,
But soon my wish will come true,
And no one will stop me, or be in my way.
I’m not like others around me really,
I’ve known what I wanted for a very long time,
As long as I could remember when I was first put down.
And people been in my way,
Blocking my path I’m am trying to follow,
Well not any more.
After today I know where I will be,
I will be free and happy being at my hiding place,
The most beautiful place anyone has ever seen.

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