March 19, 2008
By sara clark, Battle Creek, MI

Everybody is waiting for the day to end
Nobody wants a new day to start
Are we forgetting our purpose?
or just ignoring it?
Everybody laughs at the kid in the corner
Nobody wants to help him up
Are we forgetting he is a person
or just denying it?
Everybody wants to be loved
No one wants to love
Are we forgetting we need to try?
or just setting it aside?
Everyday someone kills themselve
No one seemes to care
Are forgetting to pervent this?
or just not ready to deal with?
Everyday a child is abused
No one seems to know
Do we really not know?
or just refusing to?
Someone needs to take action
Everybody seems to not have anytime the time
Dont be everyone.
Be you. Take action and Help.

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