I Need You Now

January 10, 2012
I need you now
I'm hopeless without you
Just hear my voice and I'll give you a choice
If you want me, just tell me
If you don't need me or talk to me, then let me know
I'm worried again
I don't know where to begin
I just need you
I need you now
I hope you understand
Because this is where I stand
I need you
I will be there for you but are you there for me?
Or are you just gonna let it be?
I'm just hopeless without you
I just need you
I need you now
Now you are far away from me, when I needed you the most
Across the mountains, Across the coast
What do I do now?
Do you even give a cow?
Am I wasting my voice for nothing!
Or is there something?
I'm throwing words out of my mind!
Is it even giving a shine?
Do I really need you?
Just tell me!
Then I'll be free
Just tell me you need me
Then I'll know it's meant to be.

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