Just For You Ashly

January 9, 2012
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You walk in a little late, but that's okay .
Your showing your appreciation for him, and that’s okay.
People watch you walk down the halls and they laugh, that's not okay.
There just scared to show the real them.
Not realizing the pain they are putting you through,only that scares you.
Yet so many love you, you seem to realize it a little more, even though your loved a lot.
I know the pain, and feeling of people putting you down. I’ve been there done that.
They give you the worst and all there is to do is cry.
That’s not the only thing, there is no reason to cry, or even cause self harm.
they do it to make themselves feel better.
Next time just say “Thanks’’ or ‘’Right back at ya’’ cause no one is worth hurting yourself. Trust is hard but its worth it.

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