Trip to the Moon

January 9, 2012
By ilovemydogs SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
ilovemydogs SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
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Well Sarah put on her best goggles
and fastened them humming a tune
Mary Anne then drew up a quick map
saying, "We're headed straight for the moon."

So Sarah said, "Don't forget duct tape;
it looks like we're needing a lot,"
as she surveyed the fine little spaceship
and noticed a rickety spot

Mary Anne said, "The steering wheel's missing;
without it we won't get too far."
But Sarah knew just where to find it
she'd been using it driving the car

They started preparing for takeoff
when Sarah thought she'd like a snack
Mary Anne answered, "Hey not to worry—
grab some Cheerios, then come right back.”

So after that brief interruption
they both crawled inside the great ship
and they brought a few picture books with them
so as not to be bored on the trip

The engine roared just like a lion
as Sarah began counting down
With an emphatic 3, 2, 1, blast off!
they were flying away from their town

Mary Anne said, “Look down at the ocean!”
as she floated away from the wheel
Sarah said, “I always wondered
about how being weightless would feel.”

They almost ran into an asteroid
and both of them squealed with fright
In a moment, though, fear was forgotten
for the beautiful moon was in sight

They hit a few bumps on the landing
but nothing their ship couldn’t stand
They saw it was quarter ‘til three
just a little bit later than planned

They both put on bicycle helmets
and thought they were ready to go
Mary Anne bounded out of the spaceship
singing, “Hurry up! Don’t be so slow.”

Sarah was not far behind her
and together they put up a flag
Then the two of them went to find moon rocks
and collected them all in a bag

But then came the ring of the doorbell
the unfortunate meaning was clear
And Mary Anne’s father confirmed it
saying, “Sarah, your mother is here.”

So they hurried back into the spaceship
though there was still so much to see
And Mary Anne waved goodbye asking,
“Won’t you come back tomorrow for tea?”

The author's comments:
This about my best friend and I when we were little.

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