The Past

January 9, 2012
Just living your life-not a care in the world,
When you were young the time hurled;
You're minding your own business
When your past comes upon you to rest.
Why? When all these years you tried to forget
Why can't you just continue the new path you've set?
It won't let you go
It holds you back-keeps you feeling low,
And just when you think it'll end
It pounces once again!
It drives you crazy!
Makes you just want to be lazy,
Giving you a fear
That the same thing is near.
There's on way to get a away-
And people keep saying,"Forgive and forget! That's the way!"
But you've tried that and it didn't help you
And no matter what you know the past is true!
But you don't know why it has to keep coming back!
Can't life just cut you some slack!
You don't feel you can go on
So you try hiding away until its finally gone.

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josika said...
Jan. 11, 2012 at 8:27 am
the poem flows well but it would have been better if you werent so caught up in the rhyme scheme but on the whole , amazing work and very well written.
scenesoccerqueen replied...
Jan. 11, 2012 at 1:40 pm
Thank you, at one point I realized that... I'm forcing myself to work on more free style poems, because I do tend to get caught up in the rhyme more times than not.
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