Tomorrow's Hope

January 9, 2012
By Muzix BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
Muzix BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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life is never promised so live it to the fullest

The ocean is blue and as clear
As the stars that sparkle in the night sky
But at night the darkness of little girls
And boys scream
With daddy less girls and man less fathers
Who set the path for the for
The kids they wont see grow up
There days became so bright but the harsh
Wombs or impregnated women
Who carried the life God
Decided to birth so innocent
Not knowing the world they are coming
Into is heaven (yea sure) to a
Selfish, cowardly, human being
They call this heaven
You don't have to deal with the problem
You just ignore them
Man is what we all look up too
To hold us and protect us
Hell and man got mixed up during
Satins birth and the control of heaven
See the black, blue, green, brown,
Green and hazel eyed girls
Who cry for grown men who satisfy themselves
While calling her his baby
While trying to get her to pregnant his baby girl
A maid, to be a leader she’ll be
Not knowing that they hurt and cursed
Slaves back in the day so she could be a queen
Not knowing her body is her temple and if
Anybody dare get close they should ask god first
These boys who choose to run from there problems
But I thought freedom was declared along time ago
See the path was set but we didn't follow it
Got lost somewhere in the story
Momma use to tell about the birds and the bees
That self love didn't matter anymore but his
Sweet smelling cologne and her rose petal hair
Was there attraction he felt that cause
Daddy wasn't there for mommy I’ll be there
For mien so he laid down without the thought
Of being just like his father just less
She closed her eyes with trust because
When she was born daddy said he’d always be
There so she felt that she owed him something
So she opened her heart
But see they stopped cause this daddy less
Girl and this man less boy weren’t ready to repeat the cycle of
Unwanted love see they hoped for tomorrow
Instead of living for today
Tonight they wish upon that star and let god
Tell them when there ready!

The author's comments:
Its for every boy and girl who thinks that because things happened to there parents or friends that they have to repeat the cycle.

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